Pavlina Perry is a New Jersey based photographer who specializes in family photography. She has a B.A. in Graphic Design from New Jersey City University and was involved in photography since she was a child (all the way back when we used dark rooms).

Influenced many ways by graphic design, growing up in Europe and her father, who was a professional photographer, she believes in a combination of clean lines, but also vivid textures. Additional influences are her own family and children who provide a rich canvas to explore new ideas every day.

 If she is not photographing or editing, you can find her with her children and dog somewhere outdoors, working in her garden or refinishing furniture.


Feel free to browse her website and maybe purchase as ever lasting special gift for you or your family at her shop. 



Pavlina is a wonderful photographer who is able to capture the spirit of her subjects as well as their images. Her documentary work is evocative and full of energy, and her portraits are lovely. She is a pleasure to work with and easily puts people at ease during a session. I have engaged her for both business and personal photography projects, and have been very happy with the results.

- Julie Burstein

“Pavlina has taken photos of our families for the past several years. She has a way of making the pictures come alive in such a special way. You don’t just see a picture of our family, you see relationships, love, spontaneity, curiosity, and fun. These pictures have become family treasures.”

- Family Zitter, South Orange

“Dear Pavlina, Thank you so much for taking these great photographs of my children. Noone else has captured them in such a natural way like you have. The pictures are full of live and totally bring out the kids personalities. The action shots are so vibrant and full of live. I’m glad you became the photographer for my kids. I get uncountable compliments when my friends and family see the pictures. Best of luck to you.”

- Andrea and Robert Northfield

“Pavlina captured the true essence of my children in her photographs – full of life! She surpassed my expectations in both her ability to work with my children & with the actual photos that she captured. She was wonderfully patient with my two boys, and the resulting photos reveal the full spectrum of their personalities – they are moving, laughing, crying, and then smiling again in the album that she provided. I now have a wonderful photo documentary of the life of my two boys – this is a real treasure.”

- Elizabeth Lewis

“After working with Pavlina for a few semesters, I always look forward to viewing her photography as she is able to capture beauty in wonderful ways, and more importantly, she can see beauty where there is starkness. Her techniques are sound and her images are professional. Best of all, I can really rely on her. Thanks, Pavlina!"

- Jane Schear, UCC Scroll News Paper editor