Besides my morning half and half coffee and evening glass of wine, I love design, photography, graphic art, nature, music and good food. I am fortunate to have a nice life with my husband and my beautiful, always busy, little princess, two dogs & a cat. We live in a nice green family oriented suburbs in NJ, a short distance from New York City.  I grew up in the Czech Republic, and after my studies, I moved to Germany to improve my German language skills, and after that to England. My path took me to the USA, NJ where I still live now. (Already twelve years). I have a business degree from the Czech Republic and B.A. from New Jersey City University where I have studied Fine Art majoring in Graphic Design, which I finished with honors. Throughout my studies I worked as freelance photographer focussing on events, family photography and local “Owl” newspaper, in addition to an internship in NYC as a graphic designer for the USA Today Newspaper. My photos were published on the cover and spread in The Journal of Scholarship & Pedagogy – “Transformation” and variouse local school publications. Shorty after graduation, I started to work full time as a Graphic Designer at Sakar/Vivitar. There I worked on licensed pieces such as adult electronics for GNC, Targus and children’s items –Nickelodeon SpongeBob, and Warner Bros -Looney Tunes-Bugs Bunny. I was responsible for items and packaging designs, advertising and catalogs. Most of the items we produced are sold in megastores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and so on. I also created advertising copies, which were used in a periodical magazines like the Premium Incentive Products Magazine or for a Global License Magazine and others. While working at Sakar, I continued my freelance photography work focussing on private and public events. At that time, I worked full time as a graphic designer in a busy environment and my late evenings & weekends were dedicated to photography. Through the lens of my camera I had the honor to withness multitudes of weddings, bar and bat mitzvah’s. I was honored to have my work used by a Peabody Award-winning radio producer, TED speaker, and best-selling author of the first Studio 360 book, Julie Burstein. One of the portrait photos I took was used for her book How Creativity Works and many others for her website. When I became pregnant, I worked almost to the last week of my pregnancy.  At 6 months pregnant, I photographed a bat-mitzvah in Rumson, New Jersey and at 7 months pregnant the American Hospital in Dubai. When my baby girl was born, I took it slower for a couple of months. She had become my new full time project. I kept my door open to Sakar/Vivitar, but at this time, I decided to work only as a freelance photographer & graphic designer, which gives me enough time to spend with my daughter. One of my recent favorite projects was a brand  & logo design for a chocolatier named “Mana” located in the Czech Republic. This was my favorite not only because I love chocolate, but also, because this project was close to my heart, since Krasna Lipa is my hometown, where I have spent my first 18 years of my life. Another recent fun project was a logo design and photos for the painter and mural artist Magdalena Urbankova in New Jersey, or designing a Program for a Twenty-sixth Annual Talent Show named “Island Romance” in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  My work gives me joy, energy & satisfaction. I absolutely love what I do for a living & I would not change that for anything else. I am lucky to feel that way.




Pavlina is a wonderful photographer who is able to capture the spirit of her subjects as well as their images. Her documentary work is evocative and full of energy, and her portraits are lovely. She is a pleasure to work with and easily puts people at ease during a session. I have engaged her for both business and personal photography projects, and have been very happy with the results.

- Julie Burstein

“Pavlina has taken photos of our families for the past several years. She has a way of making the pictures come alive in such a special way. You don’t just see a picture of our family, you see relationships, love, spontaneity, curiosity, and fun. These pictures have become family treasures.”

- Family Zitter, South Orange

“Dear Pavlina, Thank you so much for taking these great photographs of my children. Noone else has captured them in such a natural way like you have. The pictures are full of live and totally bring out the kids personalities. The action shots are so vibrant and full of live. I’m glad you became the photographer for my kids. I get uncountable compliments when my friends and family see the pictures. Best of luck to you.”

- Andrea and Robert Northfield

“Pavlina captured the true essence of my children in her photographs – full of life! She surpassed my expectations in both her ability to work with my children & with the actual photos that she captured. She was wonderfully patient with my two boys, and the resulting photos reveal the full spectrum of their personalities – they are moving, laughing, crying, and then smiling again in the album that she provided. I now have a wonderful photo documentary of the life of my two boys – this is a real treasure.”

- Elizabeth Lewis

“After working with Pavlina for a few semesters, I always look forward to viewing her photography as she is able to capture beauty in wonderful ways, and more importantly, she can see beauty where there is starkness. Her techniques are sound and her images are professional. Best of all, I can really rely on her. Thanks, Pavlina!"

- Jane Schear, UCC Scroll News Paper editor