This photo session is an emotional experience which captures the joy and beauty of your pregnancy. I will ensure that you feel beautiful while I capture some of your most precious moments. Every picture you get will reflect this wonderful time in your life, ensuring long lasting memories for years to come. this indoor or outdoor session ideal time is best captured between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy.

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Taking photos of newborn is an art that requires both time and patience. Being a mother myself, I know the type of love, skill and passion that needs to be given to result in a set of photographs that will last a lifetime. The importance of these moments cannot be overstated. On average, this session takes 2-4 hours, taking into consideration your baby’s needs.

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Our children go through so many milestones in their first year that these cherished moments need to be documented! I like to capture the kinetic spirt of our children and the innocent way they view our world. From the first teeth to the first step, these can be amazing.

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This is my favorite time of our children’s lives, and I love nothing more than to help to capture the moments, feeling and energy of the kids. The amazing innocence of their world view and boundless energy can shine through in photography to be kept and cherished.

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I love to take photos of teenagers! They can be incredibly fun and alive. The spontaneous nature of teenagers lead to sessions that can really start to show their dreams and aspirations.

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Family photography is a passion of mine (then again, what photography is not!). Being able to guide your family through a session aimed at finding the unique nature of your family and the way you interact with each other in the most beautiful way is the reason I got interested in photography to start with.

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How firm or business presents themselves to the public.

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Perfect for business, acting, personal branding, website or social media. If you need a new updated photo for your professional website, LinkedIn account, Passport or just casual Facebook account, this session is perfectly suited for you. We will choose a location (studio or outdoor) that best fits your personality, where you are most comfortable. Even people who are shy in front of the camera are happy with the results.

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Some of the most evocative images that can be captured and reproduced are done in the world of photojournalism. I truly love exploring the parts of our world that can show beauty in the face of living conditions that not everyone in the world experiences.

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Graphic Design

After moving to the US in 2004, I studied Fine Art, majoring in Graphic Design, graduating with a B.A. from NJCU and finished with honors. Throughout my studies at NJCU, I worked as a photographer (event, family and local “Owl” newspaper) I had an internship in NYC as a graphic designer for the USA Today Newspaper. I also previously studied and graduated with a degree in business administration in my home country of the Czech Republic. After my studies, I worked as a Graphic Designer at Sakar/Vivitar international. There I worked on licensed and non-licensed electronics (GNC, Targus, SpongeBob, and Warner Bros. I was responsible for items & packaging designs, advertising and catalogs. Most of those items were sold in mega stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and so on. When my first daughter was born, I decided to work only as a freelance photographer & graphic designer, which gives me the flexible time to spend with my two daughters. One of my recent favorite projects was a brand & logo design for a chocolatier named “Mana” located in the Czech Republic ( . Another fun, recent project was a logo design for the painter and mural artist M. Urbanek in New Jersey, or designing a program for a twenty-sixth annual Talent Show named “Island Romance” in Jamestown, Rhode Island. My work gives me joy, energy & satisfaction. I absolutely love what I do for a living & I would not change that for anything else. I am lucky to feel that way.

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Have you recently gotten engaged? Congratulations! Let’s do some engagement photos now! Photos that tell your own story. Photos that can make you laugh, cry, scream, smile… Wedding – No need to say “smile”. No need to wait

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No need to say “smile”. No need to wait for an emotion-filled shot. The abundance of joy, tears, laughter and dancing makes wedding photography both pleasant and satisfying.

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I am very proud of the opportunities that I have had to showcase my photography & graphic design.

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Perfect for Birthday Parties or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Just like individual sessions teenagers, the fun and active sense from a teenager is amplified by a party! Capturing the energy of the event is essential to evoking the memories for time to come.

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