Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope all of You have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Lots of love, Pavla, Ella, Jim & our Zoo.Happy Valentine 2014










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Happy New Year!


Card 2013

Dear All,  

I just realized how long ago I posted the last “news” section. That is pretty bad! This doesn’t mean I did not work, it just means I was a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of work. 

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!  May this year bring you joy, success, and happiness. 


Pavla, Jim, Ella and our Zoo.


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On the fourteenth of February..

Everyone who knows me knows that I find chocolate irresistible. On the fourteenth of February the stores fill with hearts, cards and red roses. This year, I decided to not buy anything - only “the” chocolate. One Saturday morning, I took a profile photo of my husband, and I asked him to take a photo of me. From these two pictures I based a design for a small card and packaging for the tasty chocolate. This way, I had small sweet gifts for my family and friends. I believe there’s always a reason to celebrate with chocolate, whether we are coupled-up or single.  


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Interview: Pavlina Perry, Capturing Love Through Photography

When I shot my last Bat Mitzvah in Manor, West Orange, I was stopped by a "Resident Planning Geek" - Winstina. She was very interested in my work and asked if I would like to do an interview about my life in the US, since I am not an American citizen. Among many questions, she was interested in the process of my father's book which was finished last winter, who influenced me, and the reason why and how I went to collage in the US.  

It was just publised at A Blog For Millennial Students.  http://residentplanningeek.com/wgisblog/pavlina-perry-capturing-love-through-photography/

Zpivani o rose, book inside

Zpivani o Rose, book


This book is a collection of the photography of my father, Frantisek Richter, who also chose the title. He even found the website where we could publish it. His book is availible with three different covers: Hardcover, Softcover and ImageWrap (on the picture). Zpivani o Rose is also available in matte, lustre, or gloss finishes. The book is available at Frantisek Richter- Zpivani o rose.


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PF 2011

Wishing you and your loved ones peace, health and happiness in the coming New Year!

 PF 2011

PF 2011


.. and I think to my self, what a wounderful world!



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Lydia Simon photosession


Lydia pre bat mitzva photos

A little peak of photography which was done about 3 weeks prior to Lydia's Batmizvah.


One of two Lydis's favorite photos, which were used at the event.


This was a lot of fun. A beautiful location and an amazing looking and fun subject to shoot - Lydia.
Feel free to view more photos from the event in my Events Category, under Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography. 


Photography by Pavlina Richterova- Perry
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Discussion & Signing of book Spark: How Creativity Works written by Julie Burstein



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Amber - Bat Mitzvah

At the Temple B’Nai Israel, Rumson, NJ


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Friedman's Family

This big family makes every ten years a photo session. At this point, as children are growing up and new babies coming to their life, they would like to do it every five years. Such a great idea! I should do something like that with my own family. Since there were small children involved, we had to photograph at noon, but everything worked out. Entire session was really relaxing and fun and the fall weather was just perfect. 

To see more photos, don't forget to check my images section :)

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Amber's portrait session


To see more, don't forget to check my images section.

“Pre” photoshoot at the family’s garden and at the beach in Rumson, NJ.

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Burstein/Maben Family session


You can find more photos under my images.

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SOPHIE 80's pre bat-mitzvah photos

Fun time!


- sister Vivi -

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CINTHYA & DAN wedding

Cinthya’s and Dan’s wedding rocked on so many levels
This sweet little wedding at the Fiesta Banquet in Wood-Ridge was so cute and fun!



Shall we?

Let’s dance..

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Cover and spread in Transformation

Cover and spread in Transformation,  (The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy)

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