When I shot my last Bat Mitzvah in Manor, West Orange, I was stopped by a "Resident Planning Geek" - Winstina. She was very interested in my work and asked if I would like to do an interview about my life in the US, since I am not an American citizen. Among many questions, she was interested in the process of my father's book which was finished last winter, who influenced me, and the reason why and how I went to collage in the US.  

It was just publised at A Blog For Millennial Students.  http://residentplanningeek.com/wgisblog/pavlina-perry-capturing-love-through-photography/

Zpivani o rose, book inside

Zpivani o Rose, book


This book is a collection of the photography of my father, Frantisek Richter, who also chose the title. He even found the website where we could publish it. His book is availible with three different covers: Hardcover, Softcover and ImageWrap (on the picture). Zpivani o Rose is also available in matte, lustre, or gloss finishes. The book is available at Frantisek Richter- Zpivani o rose.